Technical application of electric vehicle

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From the Angle of the car, talk about my perception of smart car and the traffic, you know the car is now 100 years of history, but the car is actually through continuous revolution, constant innovation and development to now, we can see from the PPT the first car was born in 1886, where is the age of automotive innovation, now known as the maybach, Citroen, and so on is the name of the inventor, is the European man invented the automobile. But to YiJi - ErJi of the last century, America's most famous Henry Ford improved the mode of production of cars, actually he is not improved auto production way, he created the car users, make cars the way of mass production assembly line of rapidly expanding in the u.s., and s, the elite of Toyota mode of production, and brought the car revolution, ford and Toyota for the influence of the auto industry, not only influence the auto industry, affects the whole manufacturing industry. It should be said that now is the arrival of another revolutionary period, namely the technology of mobile interconnection and new energy technology. I particularly want to emphasize here, new energy vehicles or electric car technology, got enough attention in all over the world, because Obama seriously, leaders with attention, but the mobile Internet technology, intelligent vehicle technology to get the attention is not enough, so I am very willing to participate in this, to share my opinion.

This PPT is about another classification method, which divides the industry into two categories. One is physics-based and the other is technology-based. The car stands in the middle, which indicates the combination of technology and physics. This is a hint of the development of the car itself. For example, before the mobile Internet, the car was an mechatronics product, and the car was not a simple mechanical product. In the 1960s, when the club of Rome wrote about the limits of growth, it defined the automobile as a sunset industry. In fact, the automobile is a sunrise industry. Now there are two big change, from the aspects of car use a from its design and manufacturing services, use of mobile Internet technology integration, followed by a mobile Internet technology, through the intelligent snatched the car from a simple transportation into a solution, that satisfy social security energy-saving wind three important purpose.

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